Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now is the time for all good...

readers to come to the aid of their country. We've been winnowing the inventory at Miss Prothero's Books. For some time, I have considered finding new homes for all titles in the "American Presidents" section. After all, who wants to read about Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Milhous Nixon, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan? Shouldn't we focus only on Barack Obama and John McCain? We Americans are pretty short sighted, always lost in the present, ready, willing and able to repeat the mistakes of the past. Wondering about our current economic morass? Maybe you need to read Alexander Cockburn's Corruptions of Empire. How do we get manipulated into voting for the lesser of two evils every darn time? Try reading Joe McGinniss's classic The Selling of the President. And why is the pursuit of America's highest political office such a grueling sports contest? Then maybe you need to read another classic, Marathon, The Pursuit of the Presidency, 1972-1976. Do presidents ever understand the worlds they live in? Try Richard Nixon's No More Vietnams or Dwight D. Eisenhower's Mandate for Change. And don't forget the first ladies. Mr. Lincoln's Wife was one of our most complicated. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the toughest. And where would Lyndon be without Ladybird? Barack without Michelle? John without Carol...oops! I meant Cindy! (We are usually such a "moral" nation. Why hasn't anyone said much about John McCain's first wife and his divorce? Did I mention Joe McGinniss's classic The Selling of the President? Yeah, I think I did.)

P.S. All of the above titles should be available on our inventory within the next day. I was unable to provide links to some of the higher inventory numbers at the time of this post. Please make a comment if you have trouble finding one of the mentioned titles. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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