Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And they lived happily ever after?

The Writing Circle met last Friday to end the saga of Mindy the mindful code enforcement officer. The group had three very different endings to the tale. Ellen Cahill continued with the psychological approach. Mindy and fast fingered Wiley met. Although Mindy escaped without bodily injury, Wiley had his revenge. Patrick Caldwell brought Alexis back into the story. Could it be that Alexis died some time ago and Wiley (a.k.a Ralph) had something to do with that death? Rita Simas opted for the happy ending. Mindy bought 823 Santa Fe and remodeled it. Wiley the man found help for all the problems that kept him on the streets. Wiley the dog moved in with Mindy's cat, AND the two beasts actually got along.

The Writing Circle will meet again on June 27 at 6:30. (Yes, that's a Friday.) I asked the circle to do an individual rewrite of the story, find the story's core, then eliminate all of the extraneous bits that don't belong to the core. This means favorite characters may have to go. This means characters need to be consistent in their words, deeds, and actions.

No mention was made of potluck, but Miss Prothero's Books will probably put out a snack. If you come, you're welcome to bring something to share.

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