Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wigtown and Annie's Desk

It's been a pleasant week at Miss Prothero's Books. I learned from my favorite Italian-Scottish customer that the bookstore capitol of Scotland is Wigtown. Being a Wigington, this was mind-tickling news. I'll have to visit the place before I die. I was also visited by my nine-year-old friend Annie and her mother Charlotte. Both mother and daughter are brilliant, beautiful, and bookish. Annie is one of the few children who has sat at my roll top desk, opened the drawers, and found all the materials I left there for children to make things. Annie has made at least two bookmarks and maybe a card. Mostly, she's cut and paste, considered and created.

Unfortunately, it's also been an unprofitable many weeks are at Miss P's. We are coming to the end of our lease on Santa Fe and we're facing some hard decisions. Can we move or should we just go out of business altogether? We've spotted a few for rent signs, but so far the spaces have been too expensive or too small or too invisible to the book browser's eye. One thing I don't want to do is jump from the frying pan into the fire. If we do move, it's got to be pretty close to perfect.

Going out of business seems to be the best option at the moment. Who knows...if I can leave this operation gracefully, I may even get to Wigtown before I die.

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