Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Magical Mystery Book Tour

Miss Prothero's Books has been busy. Unfortunately, it hasn't been in a profitable way. We've had more browsers, but fewer buyers, more people wondering if they could have a starlight mint off the front desk and fewer people wondering if we have books on starlight or mint.

I've been spending time trying to make time to do my year end books. I write reminders to myself on the white board in the office, in my journal, on a slip of paper that I slip into a pants pocket. I get started. I get interrupted.

Then there are the book groups. I'm having some trouble waking them from their December's rest. The myth group seems to like being under the spell of Morpheus and Angus. I hope they'll wake from their dreams long enough to come to the meeting on the 20th.

I've also made some changes to my online listings...which has led to some extra sales, aching body parts, and computer frustrations.

I'm in the mood for a good road trip. I know I can't leave the store, but I'm taking my magical, mystery book tour whether you join me or not. I'm going to tour America's Southwest Borderlands. My first stop is Sonoyta, Mexico. I'll be traveling The Devil's Highway. If you want to join me, you can do it in one of two ways. You can buy the complete tour (5 books) and have it delivered to your armchair for $100 (plus tax) or you can buy the tour one book at time. If you chose the $100 option, my friend Tim Marquez will throw a $10 gift certificate to The Laughing Bean Cafe. The first book, Luis Alberto Urrea's The Devil's Highway, should be in the store by the end of next week. It's a true story about a border crossing that went horribly wrong. Give me a call at 303-572-2260 if you're interested in reserving a copy. If you'd just like to talk about the book, we'll hold a discussion at Miss P's on February 23 at 1 p.m.

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