Thursday, June 5, 2008

None of the News is Fit to Print

Boy, I'll be glad to see the Laughter Yoga ladies walk through the door of Miss Prothero's Books. I need to shake off the day's frustrations as soon as possible. Problems with email have been the major obsession. I can receive all those lovely notes about the Angolan lottery, the magic fix my you-know-what size (I don't even have a you know what), and pleas for help from Outer Mongolia. However, I can't seem to send anything, not even replies to friends, not even a test email to myself. I have reported the problem, but it took me an hour or two to figure out how to report it. Technology ain't so grand. Or maybe it's just as stupid as its users. And some of us are just getting more and more stupid.

I did get to meet my new neighbors -- Starlight Colorado. They help kids and families who are trying the halls of a hospital and the horrors of serious illness. Someone from the neighborhood actually poked his head in the door and said thank you for my this-day-in-history sign. He didn't buy a book, but he said thank you. The sign is a heavy metal contraption which I update and haul out every day that Miss P's is open. I find a quote to put on one side, three or four history facts on the side. I see people read it all the time...but no one has ever thanked me for it.

AND tomorrow night, Peg Meagher and Kathy Adams will be having their First Friday opening. It should be fun. I hope you can come.

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