Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Alive!!!!! Creature Cultivation 101...

first set of rules:Patrick Caldwell, one of the few brave gentleman in our Whodunit Club, made an excellent suggestion on Friday. He said Miss Prothero's Books should start a writing circle, not a critique group, but a circle. I thought about it after he left and decided we'd give it a try. Here's what we have so far. We'll meet on Saturdays at 1 p.m. Our first meeting is May 3. The primary objective is to socialize and have fun. Think quilting bee. Don't think writers workshop. Miss P will develop rules to keep the story going. After 9 months, we’ll step back and take a look at our baby. You may join online, but we would prefer to see you in person. If you want to join, please bring 2 pages or 10 minutes of narration to the first meeting. You must follow Miss P's first set of rules:

Begin in Denver.
Mention Santa Fe Drive once.
Introduce at least one character.
The character does not need to be human.
Give your character a physical flaw or tic.
Don’t murder anyone.
Accidents, however, are acceptable

Give us a call at the store if you'd like to know more. Our phone number is 303-572-2260.

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