Friday, December 28, 2007

The Magical Mystery Book Tour, Our Monthly Newsletter

The Magical Mystery Book Tour

Do you do your best traveling from the arm chair? Miss Prothero's Books would like to announce a new subscription book club. It’s called the Magical Mystery Book Tour. You pay for a ticket and hop on board our literary wagon. This year’s literary tour will take us through America’s Southwest Borderlands. For $100, we’ll deliver 5 new books to your armchair. Each book will connect you with a place in America you might never visit. The selection will be a mix of fiction and fact, poetry and prose, something new and something classic, paperback and hardback. Keep an open mind, pack well and be prepared for anything. The tour leaves on February 1. To reserve your place, call the tour guide at 303-572-2260.

A New Bookmark Story Series?

If you picked up a bookmark at Miss Prothero’s Books in 2007, you might have noticed that each was a segment of a small story. There were little girls, big sisters, evil uncles, mythical matrons, and fugitive characters. We’ll try a 2008 story. Cross your fingers, and maybe it won’t get too complicated. The star of the series will be a dog who wants to learn how to read. If you come up with a line for the story, you could win a free novel.

Our Christmas Village Experienced a Building Boom!

There is no mortgage crisis in the world of the imagination. If you visited Miss Prothero’s Books during the month of December, you may have noticed our Christmas village. It consisted of five buildings and was perched precariously under the book press. Yesterday, we noticed that two tiny buildings had been added. Maybe we need to watch our customers a little more closely. Or maybe we need to just accept the wonderful gift. To the anonymous elf responsible for the random act of kindness, thank you.

The Book Club Beat

The Myth Series reading group meets again on January 20th at 4 p.m. We’ll be discussing Alexander McCall Smith’s Dream Angus. Angus is the Celtic god of love. He’s also been known to send a dream or two your way. Call the store if you want to join the group or need to find a copy of the book.

The next book for the Whodunit Club is Donna Leon’s Death at La Fenice. No stopping place has been determined, but we’ll have a page or chapter number ready for you before the meeting on January 27.

The club will also have another author visit in February. Manuel Ramos, the creator of Denver Detective Luis Montez, will stump the group on February 24. Ramos has picked his first mystery, The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz, as the topic of discussion.

Call the store if you’d like to be added to the Whodunit E-mail list. If you’d like a copy of the next Whodunit books, let us know no later than January 11.

As always, if it’s your turn to host the neighborhood book club and you just can’t face clearing off the table or sweeping the floor, you’re welcome to meet at Miss P’s. We’ll stay open late for you. We may even wash the windows.

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