Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Time Fries When You're Having Sun

I walked into the store yesterday morning just as the answering machine was picking up. My hands were full. My voice on the machine reached out to me, "And don't miss the art of Barney Jones..." Huh? I didn't remember putting that on the machine, but I must have...way back in August.

The message is fixed, but I'm sure I'll find something else that's been neglected or forgotten. Being a sole proprietor means you're constantly weaving a rug that is constantly pulling apart.

I never quite know how to spend my time. Do I spend my hours listing inventory online? My wrists, fingers, elbows, and eyes are getting too old. They start complaining after a few hours. Do I spend my time pushing the activities that aren't exactly down a bookstore's alley? Like the art shows? I'm not a gallery and I always seem to screw myself when I take something on consignment.

The two things I haven't been doing enough of is reading and writing. This is sad because these are the two things that pushed me in to the book business. I am going to start taking the time to do what I love...and maybe the book business will follow. Or maybe not.

Would you like some time with those fries?


Deborah Horner said...

First, it's good to hear your resolve to set aside some time do some reading and especially WRITING. I'm one of your fans in that department.

Secondly, I enjoyed reading your description of our installing the Dia de los Muertos altar (and the nice things you said about me). When I tell friends about our having done it, it's about how much I learned in doing it (about its traditions in Mexico and about the 6 authors honored by the altar. I'm so glad you had the idea to do it.

I've never posted a blog comment before---wow a new first! Don't know if this will come through?

Miss Prothero's Books said...

Yep, it came through! Thanks for the comment and the support.