Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Weather Gods Must Be Angry

Rain is not good for business at this bookstore. What little foot traffic we do have disappears. The ever-present automobile traffic just rushes on by, too intent on home and safety to look up, down, right or left. I tell myself the weather gods must be angry. What did this little store do to piss-off the powers that be? Then I realize how arrogant that is...to put a human face on nature. The powers that be don't even know this bookstore exists.

I have been putting my time to good use. I did finish reading Lisa Lenard-Cook's Coyote Morning. What a wonderful read. Lenard-Cook weaves the story carpet well and ties off every knot. Unfortunately, Miss P does not have a copy of this book. I think you can still find it at Powell's. If you have another favorite Southwestern writer, please feel free to to look for them in our inventory.

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