Thursday, May 10, 2007

Would You Like Anything to Read?

If you've been wondering, but have been afraid to ask...Miss Prothero is a character from Dylan Thomas's A Child's Christmas in Wales. She's Jim Prothero's maiden aunt who says the right thing always, who upon seeing a "wet, smoky room" and three tall firemen asks her guests if they'd like anything to read. She's a woman who knows a good book is a great solution to any situation.

At the store, she's just a topic of conversation. Some people want to know if I am her and she is me. When I say no, they always seem disappointed. But then they find her hat and cape in the back room and they put it on, they seem to understand who she is and isn't a little better. She is a piece of imagination, a bit of you, and a large portion of anybody you want her to be.

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