Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miss Prothero's Occasional Newsletter

Okay...It used to be a monthly newsletter. I will try to do better.

A Colorado Sampler

Take a sample of your arts from the literary basket!
On April 4th, Miss Prothero’s Books will host actors from Colorado Homegrown Tales. The actors will perform two short stories written by nationally-known Colorado writers.
Author Carrie Vaughn has gained acclaim for her lively “Kitty” series, a supernatural romp through the world of vampires, werewolves, and talk radio.
For their First Friday at Miss P’s, the actors of CHT will read a Vaughn short story in a different vein. The main character is the famous poet Emily Dickinson.
Author Linda Berry is best known for her Trudy Roundtree mystery series. The short story featured on April 4th is set in Ogeechee, Georgia. There is still a small mystery, but the local police force hasn’t been called in – yet.
Plan to be at Miss Prothero’s for your next First Friday (April 4).
Performances will be repeated on the half hour: at 6:30,7:30, &8:30 p.m..
Call 303-572-2260 for more information.
To find out about the actors and authors of Colorado Homegrown Tales, visit their website.

Reduction Sale!

Mark your calendars! Miss P will be holding an in-store inventory reduction sale on April 12 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. All photography, oversize, art, and rare volumes will be 50% off. All other hardbacks will be $2. All paperbacks will be a $1. Don’t forget to come in any day and check out our bargain baskets -- the buck bin, the 50 cent file, and the 25 cent tribe.

The Magical
Mystery Tour

Miss P’s Magical Mystery book tour is traveling the Southwest Borderlands. (Well, we’re traveling the borderlands in our armchairs.) If you missed the first stop (Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway), you can still add the book to your list. Book 2 is Charles Bowden’s Down by the River. It takes place in the border town of El Paso, Texas. Murder, family, and one of Mexico’s major industries -- the illegal drug trade -- are the subjects of Bowden’s book. If you’re interested in a copy, call the store to reserve your copy (303-572-2260).

The Book Club Beat

There is not enough interest or energy to keep the myth series reading group going. I had planned on treating the group to a DVD showing of select Bill Moyers’ Faith and Reason interviews. I’m still interested in hosting a group of anyone interested in watching and discussing the Moyers’ series of author interviews. If you’re interested, let me know what times and dates work for you and how many friends you can bring. I would need at least 4 committed participants to start it up and keep it going.
The next Whodunit Club meeting is March 30 at 4:30. The subject is Donna Leon’s Death in a Strange Country. Please read through chapter 24 and stop before chapter 25. Come to the meeting with your whodunit theories.
Want to see a book club or writing group of a different feather? How about a reader’s theater group? Maybe a stitch and bitch group? A creative card group? Call the store at 303-572-2260 if you have questions or need information.

Abandon Ship
Or Just Keep the Bilge Pump Going?

It’s been a tough go for the bookstore on Santa Fe Drive. Foot traffic is mostly phantom. Internet sales have gone flat. I’ve been looking for new work, new locations. It’s possible that I’ll move at the end of May. I may even go out of business. This is your chance. If you believe in the written word, the book, the independent local; then come talk to me, come trade with me, tell me how I can serve you better. Maybe you’d like to be a book seller. Would you consider trading shop sitting hours for shelf space? Maybe you’re a local writer or small publisher. How can we promote one another? I’d love to hear your ideas. I had hoped this could be a community place, not an individual prison. Let me know your opinions. What should I do? Close the door and abandon ship, or patch the bilge pump and keep it going?

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