Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'd Rather Be Reading

Yesterday was a lovely day, lots of productive pottering. I moved books, sometimes to the buck bin, sometimes off the shelf. I had a late visitor who said he'd heard Miss Prothero's Books was a happening place. A joke, I thought, but the fellow was serious and a serious book buyer. I should have asked him if he had cousins or twins, any like-minded, deep-pocketed friends.

Today was a little ugly. The wind was awful. My history sandwich board went down twice. One of the West High School students came in babbling on his cell phone, dancing like he needed to go to the bathroom. He danced from front door to "Animals", front desk to "Poetry", never pausing long enough to tell me what he needed.

"I don't want to listen to your conversation!" I grumbled.

The boy apologized and danced out the door.

Then I had to talk to Qwest about my long distance, First Data about my credit card machine lease. Yuck. Not much was resolved. Some businesses just seem to be in the business of putting you out of business.

I did have a nice conversation with a young man from Sweden. He was surprised that America had Neo-Nazis, that Colorado had been a hotbed of KKK activity. He asked me if I thought the Democrats would win. I think he liked Obama. He said he would be back.

Knowing my luck, he'll probably bring Swedish kroners with him.

Oh, well. I have a nice copy of Suite Francaise at the front desk. I think I'll crack it open.

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