Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Evil Nan Does Lives Long After Her

I had a call from a radio reporter this morning. When he brought up the subject of Harry Potter, I thought he wanted to know about Harry Perez, the bookstore's July 21 collaboration with The Laughing Bean Cafe. How wrong could I be? He reminded me of The Denver Post interview I did a few weeks ago. He wanted me to re-hash the reasons why I wasn't carrying Book 7.

Because I'm a used bookstore, I growled.

What was my stand on Harry Potter? Did I know of any other small bookstores that might not be carrying the book?

I wish you could've seen the smoke that came from my ears. I have no stand on new books. I do order them for my in-house book clubs.

As for the opinions of other small dealers, I told the radio reporter to do his own legwork.

If you're looking for Harry Potter on Saturday morning, I may have one copy of book 7. You'll have to come to Harry Perez and the Deathly Jello to get it.

But there are also many other good books in the sea.

If you're looking for witches and wizards, I do have some Tolkien. If you need a good Bildungsroman, I have Esperanza Rising, Motherless Brooklyn, and The Education of Little Tree. You want to follow the journey of a hero? Miss Prothero's has some interesting books by Joseph Campbell. We have Beowulf and Ulysses. What about the journey of the anti-hero? We've got Grendel and Charles Johnson's Dreamer.

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