Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Books as a Source of Alternative Energy

I have a friend with a touch of bibliomania. I've been making noises about going over to her house and helping her find a cure. I finally followed up on the threats last Monday and...Well, I'm no doctor. I can't cure my friend or society's consumptive ills. I did walk away with four boxes of lovely books, books that I'm glad my friend saved from the crusher, the shredder, and the landfill. I also walked away with some resolutions. I will start saying no to the mass market paperback, no to the book that is not well-made, well-written or well-designed. I'm also going to spend more time on promoting literacy. A literate person is less likely to fall prey to mass market appeals. I'll also be working on ways to recycle old books. I've been talking with Nancy Missbach of Tangerine Book Arts about an altered books project. We may well have an altered books exhibit ready by October. Keep your fingers crossed.


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