Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Murder, Mayhem, and the Meaning of Life

Miss Prothero's Whodunnit Club met last Sunday. They are a wise lot -- Dorisann, Susan, Jeanne, Patrick, Colleen, and Ellen. A whodunnit rarely gives them pause. But there were bits and pieces of Tony Hillerman's The Fallen Man that had them scratching their heads. Patrick was leading the discussion. He had picked the stopping place (chapter 24) and was sitting on his heels while we puzzled it out. We almost had it right -- Eldon Demott played a big part. Just as we were concluding, one comment stuck in my head. Someone (Ellen, I think) said she was surprised at Joe Leaphorn, how he wasn't all that interested in justice. Well, no...we all rejoined. He's interested in harmony. When the universe falls apart, he is there to put it back together.

Leaphorn is the perfect detective, a reason why many of us read Hillerman and why many of us enjoy whodunnits. There is murder and mayhem. The world has spun inexplicably out of control and here comes someone like Leaphorn to explain it all and to put the planet back on its axis.

If you're interested in joining the Whodunnit Club, call the store at 303-572-2260. We'll let you know the next meeting date and the next stopping place. If you're not a joiner and just want a whodunnit all your own, you're welcome to peruse our online inventory or stop by the store to browse.

Speaking of whodunnits and perfect detectives...Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on this day in 1859. Happy Birthday, Dear Sir!


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